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They asked, "what do you want to do for a living?" We're here to ask, "how do you want to live?"
We're here for life


Our mission is to change one life at a time one connection at a time.

Dr. Barber


Born and raised in St. Louis, I grew up in a two parent suburban home, and I was lucky to also have my maternal grandmother in our home. I grew up dreaming of becoming a dentist starting at the age of 7. With that goal in mind, I went to Incarnate Word Academy high school and Lindenwood University for college earning my B.S. in Chemistry with concentration in Biochemistry degree. 

I moved to Kansas City, Missouri for dental school, and during my last year, I met Michael Cobb. I hadn't dated anyone like him. He just fit me like a glove. We fell in love, moved back to St. Louis, MO, and I began working at what I thought was my dream. I realized this life wasn't everything I wanted. Then COVID 19 happened. I realized there is no such thing as job security. Dentistry came to a screeching halt and I didn't know what was going to happen. Then I realized how fragile my job security really was. If anything happened to my body, break an arm, have a slipped disk, etc, I can't work or help people anymore. I needed to build something that would grow and impact people's lives, no matter what. Welcoming us to the birth of The Cobb Connection. 



Raised by a single mom I quickly realized she wasn't able to give my brothers and I the life she wanted because a lack of resources. Rather, she gave us the life lessons we needed. Our next meal was always a mystery and not in a good way. Our family looked to me for help and guidance before I was ready to fill my absent father's shoes. Before I could help my family I had to ask for guidance from my high school teachers,  coaches, and community. Their guidance allowed me to work towards being a first generation college graduate. Shortly after graduation the worst and best day struck us as my mother passed away in my arms as my brothers called 911. Her last words are my light in the night, "Go help the next person because your job here is done Michael." 

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